Almost all of Bruce Gueswel's work incorporates the human figure.

"Primarily I depict the figure because making and appreciating art is so exclusively human," he says. "Responding to the light and shadow on skin and balanced bones is infinitely diverse and fascinating." To create his figures, which are often sitting or crouching, Gueswel has used a surprising variety of materials - rocks, steel, bronze, stone, wood, cast iron, glass, concrete, rope, terra cotta, and chains, among other things.

Lately, though, rocks have become his favorite. He gathers them himself from quarries, highway construction areas, or old mines. "I believe that deity and beauty reside in nature," Gueswel says, "so I use natural materials as my main medium." In addition, he says, "I think that we as a culture are fractured. My sculpted bodies are fragile, assembled broken fragments."

Stone Breaker, Mica, Chaco, Plate Tectonics, Age of Iron, Strata, Gaia, Head Study, Thirteen sculptures with poems.

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